Dr. Andrew P. Johnson
1705 Coronation Court
Green Bay, WI 54313
Mobile: (920) 621-3604, Email:

Date of Birth:March 7, 1951
Place of Birth: Worthington, Minnesota

1976:Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - University of Minnesota
1974: Bachelor of Science - University of Minnesota
1971: Associates of Art - Worthington Community College
1969: High School Diploma - Round Lake Community High School

Oct. 2006 to Present: Herd Health and Wellness Veterinarian for Grande Cheese Company
1986 to 2006: Total Herd Management Services, Inc.
-A consulting business on dairy production medicine and quality milk production.
1989 to Present: Quality milk consultant to major cheese company in Wisconsin. Cheese plant has over 200 farms supplying milk to them.
1976 to 1998: Valley Veterinary Clinic, S.C.
Associate in multi-person veterinary practice that specializes in herd health. My duties involved reproductive programs, nutritional services, mastitis control programs, stray voltage evaluations, heifer management, cow comfort, disease prevention, and parasite control.
1971-1976: Mastitis research laboratory with Dr. Ralph Farnsworth at the University of Minnesota.

Oct. 2006 to Present: Herd health and wellness veterinarian for Grande Cheese. Work with their dairy patrons to improve the profitability of their dairies. This includes quality milk programs, mastitis control programs, milking equipment evaluation, stray voltage investigations, cow comfort and building design, heifer management and other dairy related issues.
1976 to 2006: Total dairy herd management consultation. This includes quality milk programs, mastitis control programs, milking equipment evaluation, stray voltage investigations, cow comfort and building design, heifer management and other dairy related issues. My services are to dairy farmers, for veterinarians, for industry, for Universities, Milk Processors, and pharmaceutical companies. My services have been done in 45 states and 26 countries.
1980 to Present: Consultant to legal industry. I am involved in expert work in many areas of dairy management, milking equipment and stray voltage.
1979 to Present: Research and field testing for various milking equipment and pharmaceutical companies. I initiated and co-authored the new milking equipment testing procedure which is now the US standard. I have consulted for most milking machine manufacturers in the US as well as Internationally.
1980 to Present: Dairy production medicine, milk quality and mastitis control, and cow comfort programs to veterinarians at National, State, Local and International meetings.
1980 to Present: Author of many articles on dairy related topics in various trade journals, veterinary magazines, dairy magazines, and many different newsletters.
1988 to Present: Author of Milk Quality Manual, Dairy Herd Survival Book, contributing author in Veterinary Clinics of North America, and co-author of National Mastitis Council's Airflow Guidelines for System Analysis.

1976 to Present:
  • Membership in American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
    Chairperson for Quality Milk Committee
  • Membership in Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA)
    Executive Board Member, Member of various active committees, PRESIDENT of WVMA 1993
  • Membership N.E. Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association
    Active on many different committees
  • Membership American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP)
    Vice Chairman Mastitis Committee, Computer Records Committee, Program Committee, Currently Board of Directors, Teach Quality Milk Seminar at Annual Meeting.
  • Membership National Mastitis Council (NMC)
    On Milking Machine Committee, other committees, teach short courses, Board of Directors and Executive Board 1997-2004 President of NMC 2003-2004

1986 to Present: Numerous meetings on milk quality, cow comfort, milk equipment evaluation, production medicine, dairy management, nutrition, stray voltage evaluation, heifer management and other topics. Presentations given throughout the USA, and 26 countries.
1988 to Present: Professional Approach To Quality Milk. This is an intense three day training course for veterinarians, university staff, milking equipment companies and dealers, and extension people.
1994 to Present: Teach quality milk course to senior veterinary students at three major universities. (U of Minnesota, U of Wisconsin, U of Penn) Teach quality milk section of Production Medicine Certification Course at the Penn State University and U of Wisconsin.
1994 to Present: Teach quality milk course at AABP annual meeting. Three day intensive program for veterinarians.
1980 to Present: Do numerous presentations and seminars at AABP, NMC, WVMA, NEWVMA, Western States Meeting, Eastern States Meeting, many State Annual meetings, and many International meetings.

1980 to Present:Many milk quality and dairy management programs given to dairy farmers in 45 States and 26 foreign countries. Meetings are designed to assist dairy farmers to improve their profitability.

2019: NMC Award For Excellence Their highest award
2018: Milking Equipment Dealers Association (MEDA) Mentor Award
2013: Top Twenty Influential Bovine Veterinarian in North America
2004: National Mastitis Council Distinguished Service Award
2003:Merial and Dairy Quality Assurance Quality Veterinarian of the Year
1998: American Association of Bovine Practitioners "Practitioner of the Year" Their highest award.
1994: Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Associations "Veterinarian of the Year" Their highest award.
1989: American Association of Bovine Practitioners Award for Excellence in Preventative Medicine Dairy. A top award given annually to a dairy veterinarian in the US or Canada.